Hi everyone! This morning when I was in chat with Millisa, I thought about adding a page that has ALL the users birthday. The reason I am doing this is because I want to keep track of all the users birthdays, so when u go in the chat I and the other users can say Happy Birthday to u. Now all u need to do is come on chat, and tell me or Millisa your birthday. Then Millisa can write it down on this page and then we can keep track of when your birthday is. Or you can give me or Millisa your birthday by writing it on our message walls. Also all the users are allowed to edit on this page when their birthday is. And if you aren't on chat when it's your birthday, me, Millisa, and the other users will write to u on your message wall saying Happy Birthday. You can also write your birthday in the comments below

Cupcakelover89-October 10

Millisa-August 16