Hey the beach is really fun!!!

Add here about your trip to the beach!!!

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A Beach Story by Cupcakelover89

Ok, so one time I went to the beach with my friend, my sister, my sister's friend, and my mom. We picked up my friend first and when we were on our way to pick up my sister's friend, me and my friend watched a movie. My sister and her friend talked and my mom drived. When we got to the beach me and my friend played in the water and had fun. On our way back we had the windows down and me, my mom, and my sister were all singing the Hannah Montana them song. We dropped off my sister's friend first and then my friend.

The beach by Millisa

So my mom said we r going to the beach yay so we packed!! Then we took a ride to the beach!! We swam and had fun!! Then after 2 hrs we had to go home so we packed up everything and head home!!

For me that was the best day EVER!!!!!